CCTV Monitoring Solutions


Our Virtual Patrol Services offer scheduled or on-demand remote patrols for properties.

This is done by our operators in our 24/7 Grade A1 Monitoring Centres. Our operators scan your premises one camera at a time, in an order of your choosing, just as a physical guard would, and then act accordingly.

Virtual Patrol Services are a cost-effective replacement tophysical guards, providing operators with visual access to key areas that are often off limits to guards.


Our Video Verification platform pairs alarm signals from your alarm panel with video footage to provide a real time event verification system. When an alarm is triggered, a camera paired to the zone starts recording the events that unfold. This is then sent to our 24/7 Grade A1 Monitoring Centres for verification. Video Verification solutions require less on site presence and in turn mitigates the need to pay for guard call-out fees in the event of a false alarm..

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Customer Reviews

Alpha Security Corp

Customer Reviews

david georges

Honest and reliable, would definitely recommend to family and friends

Susie Jarrouj

Tom was an absolute gentleman
Great workmanship punctual and professional
Highly recommended

John Grimshaw

Tom was an absolute gentleman and professional to deal with I would highly recommend this business.


Tom and the team are awesome. They were on time, very professional, and exceeded our expectations. Thank you Alpha security corp.

Olivia Baker

Tom has established an incredible security business, and takes the utmost pride in his work. Would highly recommend.

Trees Down Under

Highly Recommend. Talked me through everything and made sure i understood how it was going to work before proceeding

Joe Pavone

Tom and the team were fantastic. Extremely helpful and professional. Highly recommended

Lily Khawly

Tom I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you and your team for updating my security system. You done an amazing job and I would highly recommend your professional services to my family and friends.


Tommy installed our new Alarm/CCTV system. Very professional and knew what setup was ideal for us. Now our merchandise is protected and we feel safe. Definitely recommend Alpha

Katie Hanna

Very professional and friendly service. Very reasonable priced. I highly recommend Tom and his team.