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Living in today’s technological society, the need for faster, more intricate and robust data networks are on the rise. Living in a wired, and wireless world, our reliability for communication and music is increasingly coming from the internet.

Alpha Security Corp offers a range of strong, dependable data networking services that can assist you in ensuring you are set up, no matter if you are at home or in the office.

Fast, Stable and Reliable

In today’s society, modern homes and offices have numerous devices that relay on a strong, reliable and fast data networking system to operate. A strong data networking system is the backbone to any programmed home or office. With the rise in numbers of mobile phones in the home, the demand that is putting on data networking services is ever-growing. To keep up with today’s technological advancements, homes and offices require Wi-Fi and a robust network that covers every inch of the space, ensuring all components whether that be sending a text message, automating your temperature setting to time of day, or safeguarding your home with instinctive night lights to turn on, can run smoothly.

Our team of specialists will work with you to build a Wi-Fi and networking system to capacitate all of your custom needs, whilst ensuring it is easy and fuss-free for all in your home or office to use.


Networking Services

At Alpha Security Corp, our designers and engineers can assist you to plan your Data and Networking strategy, inclusive of design, implementation and on-going management.

Our services include a range of start-to-end data and networking solutions for your home or office, no matter the geo-location, size and scalability.

Network Device Installation

Remote Network Access

Wi-Fi and Internet

Business Networking Services

Point to Point Solutions

Optimise your network and improve your overall business performance with the right system to support your needs. Enhance your user experience, make your systems more reliable and safeguard your business with Alpha Security Corp specialist data and networking services.

Are you looking for a Central Management Controller that combines enterprise performance, has a state-of-the-art Wi-Fi system and no matter how large your technological demands may grow, has unlimited scalability? Look no further than the UniFi® and its revolutionary Wi-Fi system.

Ubiquity Unifi Scalable Enterprise Wi-Fi Management

Customer Reviews

Alpha Security Corp

Customer Reviews

david georges

Honest and reliable, would definitely recommend to family and friends

Susie Jarrouj

Tom was an absolute gentleman
Great workmanship punctual and professional
Highly recommended

John Grimshaw

Tom was an absolute gentleman and professional to deal with I would highly recommend this business.


Tom and the team are awesome. They were on time, very professional, and exceeded our expectations. Thank you Alpha security corp.

Olivia Baker

Tom has established an incredible security business, and takes the utmost pride in his work. Would highly recommend.

Trees Down Under

Highly Recommend. Talked me through everything and made sure i understood how it was going to work before proceeding

Joe Pavone

Tom and the team were fantastic. Extremely helpful and professional. Highly recommended

Lily Khawly

Tom I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you and your team for updating my security system. You done an amazing job and I would highly recommend your professional services to my family and friends.


Tommy installed our new Alarm/CCTV system. Very professional and knew what setup was ideal for us. Now our merchandise is protected and we feel safe. Definitely recommend Alpha

Katie Hanna

Very professional and friendly service. Very reasonable priced. I highly recommend Tom and his team.