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Certified Australian Standards

When it comes to security, peace of mind matters and so does the law, regulations and adhering to standards. At Alpha Security Corp, rest assured the systems we work with and install comply with all Australian standards.

Protect your home and business from today’s rising crime rates with Alpha Security Corp comprehensive security solutions.

In Sydney, thousands of homes and businesses fall victim to robberies and burglars on a daily basis. Nothing wards off potential intruders than a professionally installed, highly capable and efficient alarm system. You’ve worked hard to build your house, acquire your most memorable valued possessions and deserve to feel safe and secure within your home. We believe security systems aren’t just there to record crime, rather to prevent crime from happening. Your house is unique, and so should be your security system.

In an era marked by uncertainty and high-crime, Alpha Security Corp has you covered. Peace of mind is our priority.

Protect your home, valuables and loved ones with the BOSCH Solution Alarm Series 2000 & 3000, the perfect all-in-one solution to safeguard your home and family against harm. With state-of-the-art solutions and easy-to-use-technology, these alarms are the perfect addition to shield your home from intruders.

Capabilities and Features:

  • Remote Security Control Plus Mobile App
  • Real-Time Alarm Notifications
  • Ability to Remotely Turn Alarm On/Off
  • Pet-Friendly Motion Sensors
  • Isolation Functionality
  • Manages up to 20 Outlet Devices

One of the easiest user-friendly – installer interfaces on the market, there is no looking past the BOSCH 6000 Integrated Access Control & Alarm System and its array of in-built features to safeguard your business and staff.  Integrated proximity, wire free options, high-speed with high-security and expandable to suit your growing busines needs – making it simple, easy-to-use and most of all, protect you year round


Capabilities and Features:

  • Integrated Access and Alarm
  • 16 Access Doors or Lan Readers
  • Capacitates 144 Zones & 256 Users
  • Proximity, Biometric & External Readers
  • Arm/Disarm with SMS Capabilities
  • Supported Communication Formats: Conettix IP, GSM, SMS, Email, CIG, GPRS, CSV, IP, SIA 3+ Text, Voice & Domestic Dial

NESS: Control Your Home and Protect Yourself With One Key

With a reputation spanning more than three decades, there’s no questioning that NESS Alarms are renowned in Sydney as one of the best alarms and security systems available on the market. Ness Security Products are Australia’s largest designer and manufacturer of high-quality security products.


The most sought-after NESS products are the:

  1. NESS D8 & D16 – microcomputer-based zone control panel with passive infra-red motion detectors.
  2. NESS Pro LD – powerful but easy to use with the latest in microprocessor technology.
  3. NESS Pro LX – combining advanced security features with ease of operation. Its key focus is to detect intruders and report emergencies.

At Alpha Security Corp, our licensed and trained security installers are fully equipped to:

  • Install the entire Ness Security Alarm System range
  • Mount wide-ranging motion detectors
  • Identify your specific needs and create a tailored security system for you
  • Install temper-resistant wiring
  • Efficient and effective back-to-base monitoring

Customer Reviews

Alpha Security Corp

Customer Reviews

david georges

Honest and reliable, would definitely recommend to family and friends

Susie Jarrouj

Tom was an absolute gentleman
Great workmanship punctual and professional
Highly recommended

John Grimshaw

Tom was an absolute gentleman and professional to deal with I would highly recommend this business.


Tom and the team are awesome. They were on time, very professional, and exceeded our expectations. Thank you Alpha security corp.

Olivia Baker

Tom has established an incredible security business, and takes the utmost pride in his work. Would highly recommend.

Trees Down Under

Highly Recommend. Talked me through everything and made sure i understood how it was going to work before proceeding

Joe Pavone

Tom and the team were fantastic. Extremely helpful and professional. Highly recommended

Lily Khawly

Tom I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you and your team for updating my security system. You done an amazing job and I would highly recommend your professional services to my family and friends.


Tommy installed our new Alarm/CCTV system. Very professional and knew what setup was ideal for us. Now our merchandise is protected and we feel safe. Definitely recommend Alpha

Katie Hanna

Very professional and friendly service. Very reasonable priced. I highly recommend Tom and his team.