Access Control

Manage Site Access

What is Access Control?

Access control is a security technique that restricts certain people from accessing specified physical locations. To gain access, individuals require authorisation based on any of the following identification protocols:

•Passwords, passphrases, and PIN
•Smart cards and key fobs
•Fingerprints and other biometricmeasurements

Identification details are stored in a secure, internal database within a control unit that connects to a lock which deactivates when connected to a matched identifier, such as someone swiping a card or entering a PIN. Innovation in access control has been focused on the convergence between IP cameras and analytics such as facial recognition, which has allowed integration of multiple access control measures to strengthen security protocols.

Secure Your Spaces

Electronic Access Control assists in protecting your premises, ensuring that authorised people with the correct security clearance level are the only people that are granted permission to enter a restricted area. Alpha Security has a wealth of experience in the engineering, installation, and servicing of single and multi-site control systems all throughout Australia. Through meaningful conversation, our consultants work with you to help select the appropriate technology required for your customised access control system, all so that you can have a solution that best suits your organisation. We have developed multifactor access control – solutions that measure multiple forms of identification simultaneously to determine authorisation, which strengthens your solutions to guarantee the highest level of security.