CCTV Monitoring Solutions

Virtual Patrol Services

Our Virtual Patrol Services offer scheduled or on-demand remote patrols for properties.

This is done by our operators in our 24/7 Grade A1 Monitoring Centres. Our operators scan your premises one camera at a time, in an order of your choosing, just as a physical guard would, and then act accordingly.

Virtual Patrol Services are a cost-effective replacement tophysical guards, providing operators with visual access to key areas that are often off limits to guards.

Video Verification Services

Our Video Verification platform pairs alarm signals from your alarm panel with video footage to provide a real time event verification system. When an alarm is triggered, a camera paired to the zone starts recording the events that unfold. This is then sent to our 24/7 Grade A1 Monitoring Centres for verification.

Video Verification solutions require less on site presence and in turn mitigates the need to pay for guard call-out fees in the event of a false alarm..