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Smart Home Technology

Bring Simplicity and convenience to your life with custom smart home systems.

Technology, like our lives, is busier and more complicated than ever. The purpose of a control system is simplicity; to streamline and automate actions for your convenience and time.

Options are endless when it comes to Home Automation, and we tailor each and every solution for our customers. Ever dreamed about having one remote control for everything? We can convert numerous remotes into one simple and easy to use controller. Or are you looking for additional safety options and outdoor lighting? We can install outdoor lighting, perfectly timed to turn on right before sunset.

At Alpha Security Corp, we specialise in a vast array of intuitive control platforms to suit our customer’s individual needs.

Your Home, Connected

Ever dreamed about controlling the systems of your home with the tap of a button. Well, it’s possible. Through implementing state of the art touch screens and carefully integrating wall panels, control of your home is at your fingertips – quite literally, at home and remotely.

At Alpha Security Corp, we work directly with you to design one simple to use home control system, automating and simplifying the way you interact with your home. Utilising one home automation solution, we will centralise your home climate, sound, lighting, security and more – saving you time, money and most importantly – bringing easy and simplicity to your home and life.

Daily Living Reimagined

All family home desires are different, and at Alpha Corp Security we believe smart home solutions should be customised and tailored to suit you. It’s easy, and it’s exactly what we specialise in doing.

We understand needs change throughout the day and single touch solutions have the ability to customise various settings. When the sun rises in the morning, have your shutters automatically rise to let sunlight shine in, your favourite playlist turned on to energise you and an adjustment to the temperature. Save energy on your utility bills by ensuring your air-conditioning and heating is switched off when you leave home and turned back on upon your arrival.

Have peace of mind when your away from home with a complete home automation system monitoring your locks and security cameras, ensuring your home is secure.

Safe, Secure and Controlled

Advancements in today’s technology makes security more available, convenient and comprehensive than ever before. Whether you’re at home, on the road or across the globe, you can monitor who comes in and out remotely.

Know who’s visiting you by simply using your mobile phone and video doorbell integration. Make it look like someone is always home with increased security features such as automatic lighting, alarms, visitor history and more.

Safeguard your family home, valuables and belongings with advanced security installation by Alpha Security Corp in Sydney.

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