Easy Screening, Increased Convenience.

Integrated Intercoms Systems Safeguarding Your Family Home.

Benefits of an Intercom System

Protect your family from unwanted strangers at your front door with a professionally installed Residential Intercom System. Give yourself peace of mind, strengthen your security measure and add convenience to your home with a fully integrated Intercom System.


A two-way Intercom System grants you access to identify who is at your door, from anywhere in the world. With video-enabling capabilities, you can see who has rung your doorbell with the touch of a finger on your smart phone.


With advanced technologies, Intercom System’s today permit clear audio and high-definition video – allowing the convenience of knowing who the visitor is, before you even get to the door.

When burglars see a professionally installed Intercom System, they are deterred from attempting to break into your home as they know they are under surveillance and at high risk of getting caught.

When you’re at home alone, it’s late at night and the doorbell rings, feel secure and protect your family’s safety with an Intercom System that can show you who is at the door before opening it.

People want to feel safe at home, and you can increase your property resale value by implementing a fully integrated Intercom System.

Wanting to keep an eye on your children at home whilst you’re on the road or at work? Have peace of mind with an Intercom System that can let you know when children enter or leave your household premises.

Combine an Intercom System with your existing home alarm functions to cover more bases and expand your security needs.

Brands We Feature

Not home and need to receive a package? The Micron IP Touch makes it simple with remote access through a single touch on your smart phone. Unlock your gate, answer the door and talk to delivery drivers.

World-leaders in video-centric technology, connect outdoor door-stations with easy-to-use indoor monitors. Secure your Sydney home with a Dahua intercom system and know who is at your door at all times.

Looking for efficient, convenient two-way communication with audio and video capabilities to grant entry? With the easy-to-use iVMA-4200 platform and mobile app, you can receive calls, playback video and unlock the door with complete remote operation.

Integrated Intercoms

Bring innovation to your home with full Home Automation capabilities, combining an Intercom System with a Home Access Control System, allowing you to open doors, gates and converse to visitors without having to be home.

At Alpha Security Corp our experienced Intercom System specialists in Sydney are here to assist you in finding the right product on the market to safeguard you and your family home against unwanted harm.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

david georges

Honest and reliable, would definitely recommend to family and friends

Susie Jarrouj

Tom was an absolute gentleman
Great workmanship punctual and professional
Highly recommended

John Grimshaw

Tom was an absolute gentleman and professional to deal with I would highly recommend this business.


Tom and the team are awesome. They were on time, very professional, and exceeded our expectations. Thank you Alpha security corp.

Olivia Baker

Tom has established an incredible security business, and takes the utmost pride in his work. Would highly recommend.

Trees Down Under

Highly Recommend. Talked me through everything and made sure i understood how it was going to work before proceeding

Joe Pavone

Tom and the team were fantastic. Extremely helpful and professional. Highly recommended

Lily Khawly

Tom I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you and your team for updating my security system. You done an amazing job and I would highly recommend your professional services to my family and friends.


Tommy installed our new Alarm/CCTV system. Very professional and knew what setup was ideal for us. Now our merchandise is protected and we feel safe. Definitely recommend Alpha

Katie Hanna

Very professional and friendly service. Very reasonable priced. I highly recommend Tom and his team.