On-Demand, Virtual Patrol Services.

High-Quality CCTV Surveillance Systems in Sydney.

Safeguard your family home and business with Alpha Security Corp optimum quality CCTV surveillance systems. We install colour digital cameras and state-of-the-art digital video recorders with storage so you can retrieve your CCTV surveillance footage almost instantly at your convenience.

Virtual Patrol Services

When you’re on the road, on holidays or away from home, have peace of mind with Alpha Security Corp Virtual Patrol Services. Offering scheduled or on-demand remote patrols for properties by our operators in our 24/7 Grade A1 Monitoring Centres.

Our highly skilled and trained specialists scan your premises one camera at a time, in an order of your choosing, just as a physical guard would, and act accordingly.

Virtual Patrol Services are a cost-effective replacement to physical guards, providing operators with visual access to key areas that are often off limits to guards.

Video Verification Services

Add a level of security to your home with Alpha Security Corp video verification. Our system works on pairing alarm signals from the alarm panel to video footage, providing a real time event authentication system.

When an alarm is triggered, a camera paired to the zone starts recording the events unfolding. This is then sent to our 24/7 Grade A1 Monitoring Centres for verification. Video Verification solutions require less on-site presence and in turn mitigates the need to pay for guard call-out fees in the event of a false alarm.

At Alpha Security Corp our team are licensed, qualified and insured Sydney Security Installers. We work with market leading brands brining you cutting edge, reliable and secure security in Sydney. Send a message for all your CCTV, Alarm and Security matters.